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Video: Michael Jordan Embraces DJ Khaled At Miami GP

Video: Michael Jordan Embraces DJ Khaled At Miami GP

Formula One, the leading competition in Motorsports made its debut in Miami with the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. The affair rivaled the luxury and glamour of any of the European F1 races, with a star-studded cast of celebrities going out of their way to make sure they are in attendance for the race.

Some star names include NBA legend and six-time champion Michael Jordan. Jordan was seen having dinner with French driver and former GP winner Pierre Gasly, and had a picture go viral posing alongside Tom Brady, David Beckham, and Lewis Hamilton. MJ certainly had a busy weekend in Miami.

However, the most bizarre interaction for MJ had to be with music producer DJ Khaled. While Khaled is not beloved by his community of fans, he has proven his ability to sell records. As a result, Khaled and Jordan share a hug as Khaled came to visit Jordan during the GP.  

The Miami GP was one o the biggest social events of the year in a city that is packed with social events. Considering how high-profile F1 has become in recent years, it makes sense for so much excitement to follow the sport. Maybe Jordan wanted to look at the sport for himself before making any sort of an apparel deal to start producing Formula 1 fan-wear.

The former six-time Finals MVP had more social media appearances this last weekend than he has for months on end, so his highly publicized attendance of the GP could also be tactical. At least he got to meet legends from different sports and DJ Khaled.

After this weekend, basketball action will return to Miami as Game 4 in Philadelphia ended with a loss for the Heat, meaning the series is 2-2 coming back to Miami. The fans energy will be imperative in helping the Heat not fall down 3-2 against the less-fancied Sixers.