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Video: The Time Kevin Durant Got A Kiss From Brittney Griner During The Olympics

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Kevin Durant gets kissed on the cheek by Brittney Griner

NBA players and WNBA players generally have good relationships with one another. We often see prominent NBA players at WNBA games, cheering on the players and showing their support for the WNBA. It is definitely great to see.

Players from both the NBA and the WNBA suited up and played in the Tokyo Olympics this year, with a lot of players obviously representing Team USA. Both the men's and the women's basketball teams from the United States ended up winning the gold medals in their respective competitions. 

Aside from the obvious enjoyment of playing basketball, it seemed as though the players enjoyed their time in Tokyo. Kevin Durant notably gave us a little glimpse into life at the Olympics through his various Instagram Live streams during the tournament. One of those Instagram Live streams featured Kevin Durant getting a kiss on the cheek from WNBA All-Star, Brittney Griner.

The video features Kevin Durant getting a sneak kiss on the cheek from Brittney Griner, with the other athletes in the background erupting into laughter after the fact. Durant seemed startled until he saw that it was Griner who kissed him. However, he definitely found it funny after the fact, stating to Griner "You're lucky I love you girl". There's no doubt that the sequence was funny, and it's priceless seeing Kevin Durant's reaction.

During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Kevin Durant was widely viewed as the hero for Team USA, and he led them to yet another gold medal in Men's basketball. There was a lot of concern about the team when they lost some exhibition games, and there were people who stated that the world was catching up to the talent level of the United States. But, USA basketball quieted the doubters, and they have shown once again that there are few if any international teams that can match their basketball prowess.