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Warriors Assistant GM Kirk Lacob On Stephen Curry's $215M Extension: "He Is The Warriors."

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(via The Ringer)

Stephen Curry is one of the best point guards to ever play the game of basketball, and he will certainly retire as the greatest player to ever play for the Golden State Warriors franchise. Stephen Curry brought 3 championships to the Bay, and he has also redefined the way the game of basketball was played. There is no question that he is a generational talent.

The Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry recently agreed on a $215 million extension, and that made him the first player to sign two $200 million extensions. There is no doubt that Stephen Curry deserves every penny of that. He is a legend for the team, and he is still one of the best superstars in the league.

Warriors Assistant GM Kirk Lacob has recently commented on Curry signing the extension and stressed the importance of having the superstar locked up under contract for the franchise. Lacob lauded the importance of Curry to the Warriors and to the Bay area as a whole.

It's everything. It's so important. He is the Warriors. He is what's driven us for the last 10 years. He means everything to the whole Bay area, to basketball. I mean he's been huge for the NBA I would argue as well. It's absolutely terrific, and we're so excited for him. But also for all the basketball fans and for the organization.

There is no question that Stephen Curry has been the key to everything the Warriors do, and he was crucial to the Golden State Warriors dynasty. He has been the face of the Warriors during those years, and it's clear that without him, the Warriors would have never dominated the way they did.

The Warriors will try to make another run at the championship, and with Klay Thompson's return, they should be right back in the contending mix. Hopefully, Stephen Curry gets another chance at a ring, and perhaps that elusive Finals MVP award that is missing from his trophy cabinet.