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Zach Randolph Finally Opens Up About 'In My Hood, Bullies Get Bullied' Moment With DeMarcus Cousins

(via Youtube)

(via Youtube)

Zach Randolph starred in one of the most memorable moments in NBA recent history. Z-Bo wasn't one to be playing with and he didn't hesitate to demonstrate that. Back in 2017, he had an encounter with DeMarcus Cousins where he taught a big lesson to Boogie, who was picking on another player.

During a recent appearance on the “The James Posey” podcast, he opened up about that moment, something that marked his career and Boogie. Three years later, people are still talking about that and Randolph revealed how the whole thing happened and how he delivered one of the best lines in NBA history.

“I just talked to little bro the other day. I just talked to Cuz, you know he there in Houston, I just talked to him the other day. You know Boogie here is a big old beast man, so I just told him to leave my player alone. You know he picking on one of the players. So man quit being a big old bully man, that’s my man though. But bullies don’t get bullied, bullies get bullied for show,” Randolph explained about the incident with the now-Rockets big man, per Essentially Sports.

The good thing is that Randolph never had a feud with Boogie and their relationship seems to be pretty cool. However, just like brothers do, he taught Cousins that those behaviors could get him in trouble with other people. Now Randolph is retired after becoming one of the best players in Memphis Grizzlies history and Boogie is ready to prove his worth with the Houston Rockets this upcoming season.