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NBA Rumors: Andrew Wiggins And Moses Moody Could Be Involved In Ben Simmons Trade To Golden State Warriors

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It is almost an open secret that the Philadelphia 76ers are actively shopping Ben Simmons, in an attempt to get a good return. Some have talked about Ben Simmons being packaged for a superstar, such as a Bradley Beal or a Damian Lillard. However, draft night came and went, and yet there still has not been a Ben Simmons trade. However, that could change very soon.

Ben Simmons has reportedly cut off communications with the 76ers franchise, and there have been prior suggestions that the Golden State Warriors could trade for Ben Simmons. That would help them improve further on their amazing defense from this season.

There's the obvious question of what package the 76ers would want for Ben Simmons with a trade. Some recent information suggests that two-way wing Andrew Wiggins and rookie Moses Moody may be involved in the transaction. This trade would give the 76ers more shooting around Joel Embiid, and give him a decent enough offensive option in his former Kansas teammate, Andrew Wiggins.

While the Golden State Warriors have previously rejected a ridiculous trade offer from the 76ers, it is definitely within the realm of possibility that they would accept an offer that is more reasonable than the one they received on draft night. It is clear how Ben Simmons would fit into the Golden State Warriors system, and him feeding two of the best shooters in the world would certainly be interesting. 

On the 76ers end, getting Andrew Wiggins would give them a solid shot creator, who is a better scorer than Ben Simmons. While Moses Moody hasn't yet played in an NBA game, he is a solid wing prospect with good shooting. While losing some spacing would hurt for the Warriors, it could be worth it if it means getting a 3-time All-Star in Ben Simmons.