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The Blockbuster Trade That Clippers Fans Would Love To See: John Wall Is The Key For The Championship

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The Blockbuster Trade That Clippers Fans Would Love To See: John Wall Is The Key For The Championship

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently a middle-of-the-pack team. They are 9th in the Western Conference, with a 20-21 record. However, part of that has obviously been due to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George missing times with injuries.

If Kawhi Leonard and Paul George come back prior to the end of the season, the team could potentially contend for the championship. There have already been reports that Leonard could return from his long-term injury this year.

A trade to add to the roster could be beneficial if the Clippers' star duo does end up playing this season. John Wall is currently not playing for the Houston Rockets, and perhaps the Clippers could take a risk on him. 

Los Angeles Clippers Receive: John Wall

Houston Rockets Receive: Eric Bledsoe, Serge Ibaka, Marcus Morris

The Los Angeles Clippers Get A Great 3rd Option

During the 2020-21 season, John Wall averaged 20.6 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 6.9 APG. However, his efficiency was an issue, as Wall only shot 40.4% from the field and 31.7% from beyond the arc. Perhaps not having to carry a big offensive load will benefit John Wall, and he could potentially become more efficient as the 3rd option behind Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

John Wall's strengths have always been his finishing at the rim and his ability to make plays for others and set them up for easy baskets. He could focus on running the offense and providing supplementary scoring on the Los Angeles Clippers, and reduce the offensive responsibility on both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, as he would let them focus on scoring. John Wall's scoring at the rim would also be easier on the Clippers than the Rockets, as the Clippers have a lot of spacing good solid shooters like Luke Kennard present on the roster.

There is no question that this trade would be a high-risk, high-reward move for the Los Angeles Clippers. But John Wall could potentially be amazing in the right role, and he can definitely still be a contributor to a winning team. The Clippers would also retain good role players like Reggie Jackson, and their young players in Keon Johnson and Terance Mann in this trade. Overall, this seems like something they should at least consider.

The Houston Rockets Get A Solid Trade Return For John Wall

It was previously reported that there are teams interested in acquiring John Wall, but no one actually wants to make a trade for the point guard. Rather, teams are waiting for him to get a buyout from the Houston Rockets. At this point, any return would be good for the Houston Rockets, and there's some value present here for the team. 

Marcus Morris is currently having a productive season for the Clippers, averaging 16.4 PPG while shooting 38.4% from beyond the arc. He would potentially be able to be a solid mentor for the young Rockets core, as he is a veteran that has been in the league for a long time. He could also be traded later on by the Rockets, as he has 2 years on his deal after the end of this season.

Serge Ibaka would have value for the Rockets as he's an expiring contract this year. Eric Bledsoe has one year on his contract after this season at $19,375,000, but it is only partially guaranteed for $3,900,000.

From a financial and value standpoint, this is a good deal for the Houston Rockets since they would be getting something in return for a player that isn't playing, while also saving some money.