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Stephen Curry Playoffs Record vs. LeBron James, Kevin Durant And Other NBA Stars

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Fadeaway World

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. More than that, he's the cornerstone of the most feared dynasty of the last decade and, while some of his doubters still try to demeanor him, he's a pure-breed winner.

If you don't take our word for it, just take a look at his stats in the playoffs vs. some of the biggest stars in the league. They may get the best of him in the regular season - in some cases - but Curry and company always deliver when it matters the most: the playoffs.

Thus, let's go ahead and compare Curry's records vs the league's finest in the postseason, as he's had a tough path to his 3 NBA Championships:

Stephen Curry vs. Damian Lillard 10-0

Stephen Curry (31) vs. Damian Lillard (29)

Damian Lillard often leads the Blazers to the playoffs against all odds, but he's yet to be able to get past Curry and the Warriors. Lillard's only win came in 2016 on a game Steph missed, so it doesn't count for the purposes of this article. With Steph on the court, the Warriors are 10-0 in the playoffs vs. the Blazers.

Steph averaged 34.5 points vs. Lillard in 2016 (1-4 victory in the second round), then 29.8 in 2017 (4-0 sweep in the first round), and finally 36.5 points in 2019 on a 4-0 sweep in the WCF. Also, Curry leads Lillard in all major stats in their matchups (31.1 points to 26.8, 4.8 rebounds to 3.5, and 7.0 assists to 5.9).

Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James 15-7


And obviously, LeBron James must be Stephen Curry's favorite victim, as his Warriors ended up on top 3 of the 4 times they faced each other in the NBA Finals. Steph averaged 26 points in the 2015 Finals compared to LeBron's 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds, and 8.8 assists, but the Warriors won in 6 games.

James got his payback a year later by beating the 73-9 Warriors and turning his Cavaliers into the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. James won the Finals MVP with averages of 29.7 points per game, while Steph averaged 22.6.

The Warriors regrouped and signed Kevin Durant in the offseason. Needless to say, they were once again the team to beat and James was on the wrong end of the floor at the end of the year, as the Warriors beat the Cavs in 5 games despite LeBron's 33.6 points, 23.0 rebounds, and 10.0 assists per game. Curry also dominated with 26.8 points.

And last, but not least, the Warriors would end up laughing once again after the 2018 NBA Finals, as they swept LeBron and the Cavaliers despite James' 34.5 points and 10.0 assists per game. Curry averaged 27.5 points and 6.8 assists but Durant was named the Finals MVP again.

Stephen Curry vs. James Harden 14-6

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors have the Houston Rockets' number. They've dominated them in the playoffs for years despite them building a team almost entirely to beat Steve Kerr. It all started in 2015 when the Warriors beat them 4-1 behind Curry's 31.2 points per game to top Harden's 28.2.

The Warriors beat them again next year in the first round in five games, with Curry averaging just 15 points per game and missing 3 of those games with an injury.

The Rockets came pretty close to beating them in the 2018 WCF, but Chris Paul's injury helped turn the table in favor of the Dubs for a 4-3 series victory. Last but not least, they got them again in 6 games in 2019 despite Harden's 34.8 points per game.

Stephen Curry vs. Anthony Davis 7-1

Stephen Curry Anthony Davis NBA

Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans mightily struggled vs. the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. First, Curry and his friends swept them in the first round in 2015 despite Anthony Davis' 31.5 points and 11.0 rebounds per game. Steph averaged 33.8 points.

Then, they faced off again in 2018, but the outcome was almost identical. The Warriors beat them in the second round 4-1 behind Curry's 24.5 points and 3.5 assists per game. Davis dominated with 27.8 points and 14.8 rebounds but he couldn't get past the almighty Warriors.

Stephen Curry vs. Seth Curry 4-0


Obviously, Stephen Curry's first big rival was no other than his younger brother Seth, who hasn't had the same kind of success throughout his NBA career thus far, especially vs. his brother, who holds a 4-0 advantage in the playoffs and an 11-2 overall record.

Seth became a major part of the Blazer's rotation en route to last year's Western Conference Finals but was a non-factor vs. the Warriors, averaging roughly 6.3 points per game. His brother, on the other hand; put up a show on 36.5 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 7.3 assists per game during the series.

Stephen Curry vs. Kevin Durant 4-3


Via Getty

The Golden State Warriors faced off vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder back in the 2016 Western Conference Semifinals. Durant and the Thunder hung on to a 3-1 lead vs. the 73-win Warriors, but they eventually came back from behind with 3 straight victories to make it back to the NBA Finals.

Curry averaged 27.9 in that series compared to Durant's 30.0 and that heart-breaking loss put the final nail in the coffin for KD in the Thunder. He ended up leaving the team to join the Warriors in the summer and the rest, as you know, is history.

Stephen Curry vs. Russell Westbrook 4-3

(Credit: SLAM)

(Credit: SLAM)

Obviously, that series Curry also got the best of Russell Westbrook, who often mocked him because of his lack of defensive commitment. Curry and the Splash Brothers burst out in the final three games of the series and ended up with the last laugh.

Westbrook averaged 26.7 points during that series but it was helpless. The Warriors were an arguably unbeatable team that season. Russell never looked back, though, and signed a contract extension with the team the very same summer.

Stephen Curry vs. Chris Paul 9-9

Stephen Curry Chris Paul NBA

Curry and Paul faced off 11 times in the playoffs during CP3's stint with the Houston Rockets. Paul was dominating with his defense back in 2018 but suffered a groin injury that forced him to miss a couple of games, so the Warriors ended up on top once again. They also beat them in six games the prior year.

However, Paul beat Curry 4-3 in the 2014 first round when he was still playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, averaging 17.4 points and 9.0 assists per game to Curry's 23.0 and 8.4 assists. He's one of the few people who doesn't have a negative record vs. the Baby Faced Assassin.

Stephen Curry vs. Blake Griffin 3-4


Obviously, Blake Griffin was a part of that 2012-14 Los Angeles Clippers team that beat the Warriors 4-3 in the first round of the playoffs. Thus far, their paths haven't crossed again in the playoffs, although Curry holds a 20-8 edge in the overall record.

Griffin can still brag about beating the Warriors in the postseason, as he dominated a team-high 23-3 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.6 steals per game on 53% shooting. Curry averaged 23.0 points with 8.4 assists on 44% from the floor.

Stephen Curry vs. Kawhi Leonard 5-8


Kawhi Leonard actually holds the edge vs. Stephen Curry throughout his career from his playing days with the San Antonio Spurs, which were believed to be the Warriors' kryptonite. In fact, the Spurs were dominating the Warriors in the 2017 WCF until Leonard got hurt.

Leonard beat Curry 4-2 in 2013 with the Spurs but he was yet to break out as a star. Then, Curry got the best of him in Game 1 of that 2017 WCF, but the Klaw had the last laugh by leading the Toronto Raptors to a 4-2 win in the Finals. Leonard averaged 28.5 points, while Curry poured in 30.5.


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