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The league has finally revealed this year’s All-Star rosters, which means we already know who’s going to try and hand their captain a win and who’s most likely to try and prove their worth against their rivals.

This year, LeBron James comes back as team captain while Giannis Antetokounmpo will try and lead his team past the King, with James having the first overall pick to get the starters as the top vote-getter.

But, who may James pick? We all know he likes to send messages all the time, but who’s most likely to be enticed by his tactics? Let’s go ahead and try to break this down with our All-Star Mock Draft.


Starter Pool

Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Paul George, Kevin Durant


1. Team LeBron – Kawhi Leonard, Toronto Raptors

Well, this one’s a complete no-brainer pick for the King. Kawhi Leonard just bought himself a 13.3 million dollar mansion in Southern California and he’s determined to play in Los Angeles next season.

Whether that’ the Lakers or Clippers, you never know, but is never to early to start recruiting. LeBron will try and show Kawhi Leonard what’s in for him if he decides to dress in purple and gold.


2. Team Giannis – Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the best players in the world, but his jump shot is not his best feature and he’s well aware of that. For that matter, Giannis needs to have the best shooters on his team, and who’s better than Stephen Curry?

Curry is the best when it comes to playing off-ball and he’d be unstoppable with Giannis driving and kicking it to him. He’s having yet another MVP caliber season and is the best pick for the Greek Freak for sure.


3. Team LeBron – Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is also about to hit free agency next season, and even though some insiders have the New York Knicks as his preferred destination, he’s also been closely tied with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even if Durant wants to “dictate the environment he’s in” and feels like James’ environment is “toxic”, a player as talented as him is worth a flier. James simply won’t pass on a chance to recruit him.


4. Team Giannis – James Harden, Houston Rockets

There’s nothing but respect from one MVP frontrunner to another, and Giannis is about to show James Harden exactly that by picking him 4th. Also, he’s the best player available and another shooter for his team.

Harden is having a historic run this season and has even taken Giannis down as the leading MVP candidate. He’s averaging almost 35 points per game and leading his shorthanded Rockets to the playoffs like a true Champion.


5. Team LeBron – Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics

Guess who’s also set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season? Yes, the very same guy that just called LeBron James a couple days ago to apologize for his antics while they were teammates.

Who’s in for a reunion? The Lakers would be thrilled to welcome Kyrie and he’s already looking forward to burying the hatchet with James. They won a Championship together, why not a couple


6. Team Giannis – Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

Giannis Antetokounmpo has already stated that ‘he’s a lover, not a fighter’, so he’s going to try and get both Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook on his team to try and help them work out their issues.

Either way, Embiid would be great next to Giannis. He doesn’t hurt spacing, is a top-tier rim protector, a willing passer and a huge threat in the post. To my eyes, he’s the best big man in the league as of today.


7. Team LeBron – Paul George, Oklahoma City Thunder

We all know LeBron James is a bit of a passive-aggressive dude, so he’d love to just stick it to Paul George and show him what he missed when he passed on the chance to be a Laker and signed with the Thunder.

Also, George is having an MVP and DPOY kind of season and truly deserves his All-Star nod. The Thunder is now PG’s team, and he’d the cherry on top of the sundae for an already scaring squad.


8. Team Giannis – Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets

And last but not least, Giannis will complete his all-shooting lineup with Kemba Walker, a guy that’s constantly being overlooked because of the fact that he plays for such a bad team like the Charlotte Hornets.

Kemba Walker keeps posting Kyrie-Irving kind of seasons, yet nobody seems to care or give him some love. He’s a walking bucket, a great passer, and a guy that always come huge in the clutch.

Yesterday, NBA releases All-Star Game Reserves list.


Reserve Pool

Anthony Davis, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nikola Jokic, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Karl-Anthony Towns, Russell Westbrook, Bradley Beal, Blake Griffin, Kyle Lowry, Khris Middleton, Ben Simmons, Nikola Vucevic, D’Angelo Russell

And now, Giannis will pick first.


9. Team Giannis – Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

As we said before, Giannis is keen to have both Russell Westbrook and Joel Embiid on his team so they can bury the hatchet, so obviously, he’s not going to miss on the chance to pick him right away. He’s a major entertainer, and he’s always on a mission during All-Star Games.


10. Team LeBron – Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans

Well, there’s actually a huge chance Anthony Davis won’t be representing the New Orleans Pelicans in this year’s All-Star Game, and who knows? he may even be already a LeBron’s teammate in the Lakers. For all we know, LeBron is extra hyped with the chance to play with Davis, and with the Draft set to take place hours before the deadline, he’s definitely going to take him first.


11. Team Giannis – Khris Middleton, Milwaukee Bucks

Khris Middleton has been a huge part of the success the Bucks have had this season. He’s friends with Giannis and they’ve both built a strong rapport on the court, so he’s definitely going to be joining the Greek Freak. Notably, he’s the first G-League alumni ever to make it to the All-Star Game. Talking about underdogs.


12. Team LeBron – Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers 

LeBron James has always had nothing but strong praise for Ben Simmons, and everybody knows he’s a huge fan of his game. Besides the obvious resemblances between both of them, LeBron is keen to have a Klutch Sports’ team in this year’s All-Star Game, with all him, Davis and Simmons all represented by Rich Paul.


13. Team Giannis – Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo have pretty similar personalities. They’re both used to being underdogs, they’re both born competitors, and they’re both determined to prove they want to win more than everybody else. Also, this team needs more shooting, and Lillard is one of the best in that regard.


14. Team LeBron – Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

LeBron James is not going to miss on the opportunity to start recruiting Klay Thompson right away, especially with all the rumors pointing towards him being interested in joining the Lakers in the summer if the land Anthony Davis. Thompson is also the best two-way player remaining in the reserves pool, so it’s a no-brainer pick.


15. Team Giannis – Blake Griffin, Detroit Pistons

Blake Griffin may not be a part of the Detroit Pistons come the All-Star Game, and that’s mostly due to his determination to win. That attitude is one of the things Giannis may consider when building his team, as you know he’ll want to take team LeBron down. They’re both athletic and strong freaks of nature that have several similarities in their game.


16. Team LeBron – Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards

Sadly for James, the Washington Wizards have already stated they won’t trade away Beal as they intend to make a playoff run, even amid the rumors that linked the shooting guard with a potential move to the Lakers. Even so, James will take him for his sharpshooting abilities, as he’s playing the best ball of his career with John Wall out.


17. Team Giannis – Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves

Team Giannis has already some size, strength, and athleticism, so now they need bucket-getters. Towns excel in the offensive end of the hardwood despite his size, and he’d help this team stretch the floor with his sharpshooting abilities. He won’t play much defense but is the All-Star Game we’re talking about, so nevermind.


18. Team LeBron – Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets

Nik0la Jokic is stepping up as one of the best big men in the league thanks to his passing ability. He’s a perfect fit next to Simmons and James, as they could have 3 creators on the floor at the same time. Also, he’s an above the average shooter that could come handy for LeBron.


19. Team Giannis – Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks are fighting to get their hands on their 1st seed of the Eastern Conference, but Giannis could truly use the help of one of his biggest rivals as he needs as much ball handlers and shooters as he could get. So, why not draft the league’s leader in assists per game?


20. Team LeBron – Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

Now that the league has been classy enough to invite Dwyane Wade to this year’s All-Star Game, there’s no way in hell LeBron James won’t draft him. They share so much history together as one of the league’s most epic and winningest bro-mances ever.


21. Team Giannis – Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki opened up the doors of the NBA for foreign outcasts like Giannis Antetokounmpo, and there’s no better way to pay his respects for him than drafting him to join his team. Nowitzki may not be All-Star worthy this year, but there’s no way he should be taken last.


22- Team LeBron – Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic

Nikola Vucevic is a borderline All-Star this year and not because of him, but because of how poorly the Orlando Magic has fared. Either way, he’s been a dominant scorer all year long and he’s about to get paid big time next season unless LeBron James convinces him to take a major pay cut and join him in the Lakers.


23. Team Giannis – LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs

Truth to be told, I don’t think LaMarcus Aldrige should’ve been an All-Star this season. Even so, Giannis will take him and his mid-range offense to join his team. Aldridge may not be the flashiest player for an All-Star Game, but he could be a nice fit next to the rest of this roster.


24. Team LeBron – D’Angelo Russell, Brooklyn Nets

And finally, D’Angelo Russell has been selected as Victor Oladipo’s replacement as an East reserve in the All-Star Game. He has an amazing season so far, averaging 19.1 points with 6.4 assists and 3.8 rebounds per game. This is a great achievement and he will probably sign a lucrative contract this summer.


The Rosters


Team LeBron

Starters: Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, LeBron James

Reserves: Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal, Nikola Jokic, Dwyane Wade, Nikola Vucevic, D’Angelo Russell


Team Giannis

Starters: Stephen Curry, James Harden, Joel Embiid, Kemba Walker, Giannis Antetokounmpo

Reserves: Russell Westbrook, Khris Middleton, Damian Lillard, Blake Griffin, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kyle Lowry, Dirk Nowitzki, LaMarcus Aldridge

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