The New Orleans Pelicans have been fooling around on social media for days. Posting videos, gifs, memes and emojis regarding the Anthony Davis situation, while not addressing such trade request directly.

Naturally, fans, players and insiders have lost their minds thanks to the Pelicans’ PR team, and we just can’t handle this anymore, especially now that the trade deadline is finally in the history books.

Even so, the Pelicans waited until the very last second to try and get people’s expectations up, posting a sand clock emoji on Twitter that made everybody lose their minds while thinking something was going to happen with the Brow.

Nonetheless, not only the team did not respond to any offers their superstar, but the only player they moved today was Nikola Mirotic, who was dealt away to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Anthony Davis will stay in New Orleans until the end of the season, while the Pelicans intend to engage trade talks in the summer with the Boston Celtics.

Hopefully, all parties involved will find a way to address this situation without any more drama. As for the PR team, we’ll see what they will post when Anthony Davis leaves the Pelicans this summer.