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The ole’ “shirt over the mouth” trick has been used by players for years to cover the track of their conversations for years. As an NBA player, whether on the court or on the sidelines, there’s always the threat of a camera on you at all times.

Somebody needs to send Michael Porter Jr. this memo, and quick. In an appearance at the Missouri vs Kentucky game, Porter’s courtside chat was caught on camera and the world was able to capture a conversation he probably would have preferred stay private.


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Yeah, Porter Jr. was caught checking out college girls on live TV. And yes, he has a girlfriend — who is no doubt less than pleased at Porter’s actions here.

Putting this minor scandal aside, Porter has had an otherwise promising campaign this season. After suffering major injury leading up to the NBA Draft, he has flashed a lot of potential for the Nuggets, recently going off for a career-high 25-points against the Pacers.

Hopefully, he’ll remember to watch his words when out in front of the media. They have a way of capturing every little moment.