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Breaking news: Kevin Durant does brush his hair.

In the second season of the Bleacher Report video interview series “Take It There With Taylor Rooks” (an in-depth conversation with some of the biggest athletes in the country), Durant finally answered the elusive question.

KD’s hair has been an increasing matter of concern for the NBA community. Somehow, it seems his head isn’t always in top condition.

So, for the record, the Brooklyn Nets star says he does indeed brush his hair, despite what the many photos of his unkempt hair seem to show us.

On a different note, Durant has much more to worry about right now anyway. After tearing his Achilles tendon in the 2019 NBA Finals, he was ruled out for the remainder of this season. As he works towards a return to the court, the 2x Finals MVP is looking towards a Championship with his new team — he may not exactly have a lot of time for a haircut.

But now that we finally have the answer, and we know that he tries, there is hope that things will improve in that regard.

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