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Unless something extraordinary happens, Giannis Antetokounmpo will become the NBA Most Valuable Player for the second consecutive year. Antetokounmpo was leading his Milwaukee Bucks to have the best record in the league, becoming the fastest team in history to clinch the playoffs, showing dominance over their rivals.

Giannis was on a mission this season, winning the NBA championship. That is his biggest goal in the game and the Greek Freak might look for alternatives if he’s unable to succeed with Milwaukee. During a recent edition of the Runnin’ Plays Podcast, Greg Papa said Warriors fans wouldn’t be sure about Giannis coming to the Bay until this summer.

“What are the chances? I’m just going to tell you there’s a chance,” Papa said. “We’ve been talking about this incessantly Kerith [Burke], but the reality is, we’re going to find out this summer.”

Antetokounmpo has the chance to become the highest-paid player in NBA history with the Bucks once his current contract is finished. That could play against the Warriors, but everything will depend on how he and his Bucks fare in the playoffs this season (if the league resumes action) and the next one. However, not everybody is sold on that idea.

“At this very moment, there’s little to no chance,” Warriors reporter Logan Murdock said. “Giannis has not said publicly he has anything bad to say about Milwaukee, but ESPN’s Malika Andrews did say his long-term viability in Milwaukee will depend on how they compete for championships.”

Moreover, Giannis keeps sending hints about his future and he’s lowkey telling what he could do in the future. People often stretch things a little, but for Warriors fans, Antetokounmpo is clearly hinting he will eventually join the team.

On Saturday, he was playing NBA 2K20 when he picked the Warriors as his team, with Stephen Curry as the featured player.

“Yo, the O.G. is back in the building,” Antetokounmpo said.

Back in March, he was asked about his favorite NBA players, and he named Curry twice.

It looks like things are coming together for the Dubs, but nothing will be completely said and done at least until the summer.