Credit: ESPN

We’re yet to see Michael Jordan creating a personal social media account. His Airness hasn’t been the most active player on the internet and it seems like he’ll never change. According to his daughter, Jasmine, MJ can’t stand the whole social media thing, claiming she can’t imagine his dad having a Twitter or an Instagram account.

During an interview on ABC Audio, Jasmine said:

“My father is so — not anti-social media, but anti-social media,” she shared with a laugh, as transcribed by Candice Williams of Good Morning America. “I can never imagine him being on Twitter. I can’t imagine him on IG or anything like that.”

Jasmine clarified that something he loves is music and he’s a big passionate about it. She reveals MJ can listen to any type of song, from current artists to old singers.

“When you get him in his natural element of just being that fun and rambunctious dad, it’s with music,” she revealed. “He loves music.”

“And it can be rap,” she continued. “It can be R&B. It can be hip-hop, whatever. He has no limit on the boundaries and categories of music that he listens to. That’s really when you get to see that fun side of him.”

MJ never was like his peers. Not as an active player and not as a retired one. While other stars and celebrities have made a presence on social media, Jordan only has the Jordan Brand’s social media account, and that’s only because of the brand.

We’ll never see him doing the things others do, sharing pictures of their lives, or reacting to a current topic within minutes. That’s not MJ and that’s what makes him so special.

If you want to communicate with Jordan some way, go listen to your favorite albums. He loves music.