Kevin Durant set Twitter on fire in recent hours, as the 2x NBA champion got involved in a battle with former NFL player Jay Richardson over his controversial move to the Golden State Warriors. KD recently talked about his move and the way he felt about winning two championships with the Warriors, stating that he earned them given the way he played in 2017 and 2018, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in back-to-back seasons.

“I played at an elite level in the Finals in all the biggest moments. And I could understood if I didn’t play well at all. But I played the best that I could play in both Finals for that team. So, I felt like I got up every day and held myself to a championship, elite-player standard and reached it pretty much 98 percent of the time in practice and games and shootarounds.

So, yeah, of course, I earned that,” KD said on JJ Redick’s ‘The Old Man and the Three’ podcast.

Jay Richardson reacted to these comments, taking a little jab at KD on Twitter.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night @KDTrey5,” he wrote.

KD was quick to reply to Richardson, taking a shot at his career.

After that, the pair continued the fight.

In the end, Richardson explained to KD that as fans, most people in the NBA wanted to see him earn his ring without joining a team that already had three stars and a ring. Jay said everybody expected better from him and seeing him joining the Warriors was and is still considered a weak move for Durant.

Durant isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and calling out people that call him out. This time, Richardson was the one receiving the shots from KD but it’s not like he didn’t ask for it.