Ayesha Curry has surprised the entire NBA community with her new looks. Stephen Curry’s wife has always looked good in every style she tries but this time things appear to have gone very far. The NBA wife uploaded a video of her and his husband in his car, revealing she is blonde now and having a different appearance than her usual.


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Mom goes blonde (temporarily).

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Well, it didn’t take long for fans to notice this and flood social media with any kind of comment about Ayesha’s look.

It’s fair to say that she does look different, but a lot, and some fans even though Curry was caught cheating with another woman. Twitter went crazy as soon as they saw the pictures, leaving some great reactions.

Knowing how mean some people can be, Curry left a good message to Ayesha on the original post, encouraging his wife to be who she wants to be regardless of other people’s opinions.

Steph is getting ready for a new NBA season where the Golden State Warriors are going to try to demonstrate they can win without Kevin Durant. Meanwhile, Steph is spending some quality time with his wife, who, truth to be told, looks better by the day.