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If Pippen Carried Michael Jordan Past His 1-9 Record, Does That Mean Larry Hughes Carried LeBron James To The Playoffs?

If Pippen Carried Michael Jordan Past His 1-9 Record, Does That Mean Larry Hughes Carried LeBron James To The Playoffs?

One of the arguments LeBron James' fans have against Michael Jordan is that he never won a playoff series without Scottie Pippen. They say Scottie was the savior for MJ as soon as he landed in the Bulls, somehow damaging his legacy or the points he has racked up to be called the GOAT. Jordan's fans aren't having that and they always find a way to respond to these attacks.

The latest episode of these comparisons took place on Twitter when one user used LeBron's fans logic to make the case for Jordan.

'If Pippen carried MJ past his 1-9 record, does that mean Larry Hughes carried LeBron to the playoffs?' One picture reads, showing Pippen stats the first time MJ wins a playoffs series against Hughes' numbers the first time LeBron makes it to the playoffs.

Scottie recorded 7.9 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game during his rookie season. As for Hughes, he posted 15.5 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists with the Cavs when LeBron made the postseason. The only stats where Pippen was better than Hughes were blocks and field goal percentage. Of course, this sparked the debate between fans, who didn't hesitate to show their opinion on the comparison.

Right now, more people in America believes LeBron James is the GOAT, but numbers say otherwise. Michael Jordan has had the best season at age 35, even though LeBron just won his 4th title at that age, with his third franchise.

If you want to talk about teammates and who played with more stars, Pippen was the only one who shared touches with Jordan, while LeBron has played with seven in total during his career. Still, that hasn't been enough for him to win more titles than MJ. In terms of individual accolades, Jordan is way ahead of Bron, as an entire hall of fame separates His Airness from the King.

When it comes to the Finals, the debate can be tougher, as Jordan appears to have played against harder players while Bron had to see the best overall teams.

This is a never-ending story. NBA fans don't seem to understand that we need to appreciate greatness, something that a lot of people said after Kobe Bryant's tragic death. Well, it looks like that was a thing of a couple weeks. Fans are ready to debate and make the case for their favorite player regardless of the time or the place.