Kyrie Irving once again surprised everybody when he made a really bold claim about himself and Kevin Durant. The two Brooklyn Nets stars were having some fun during a recent Instagram Live session, leaving plenty of interesting remarks and opinions. Kyrie had to be Kyrie at some point and the 2016 NBA champion said something that raised a lot of eyebrows around the league.

While interacting with fans and Kevin Durant, Irving revealed something to his teammate that is just curious. He felt completely free with Durant and let something out that will probably hunt him for the next days.

“We’re in a safe space now, right? We can talk to each other about, whatever? I think in my past life, I was who you are now. I was a post-up guard.”

Well, that is just interesting to know. It was unclear what Kyrie did to know what or who he was in his ‘past life’ but that’s what he believes and he wasn’t afraid of sharing it with Durant. The point guard is ready to lead this team alongside Kevin Durant but things didn’t start very well for him. Kyrie is involved in yet another controversy after he decided not to talk with the media this year and the league isn’t happy with that.

Kyrie has always spoken his mind and he won’t change that anytime soon.

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