Given the recent developments in the NBA, right now the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are the favorite teams to play in the 2021 NBA Finals in a couple of months from now. Both organizations formed impressive squads for this season and everybody is talking about them and their hypothetical matchup.

This speculation will always be in the NBA and some people are already making the case for one team or the other, trying to break down what is going to happen if they meet with their current rosters. Of course, the trade deadline isn’t here yet and they could add more pieces ahead of the playoffs. The Nets could be looking for a big man now to guard Anthony Davis after Bill Simmons of The Ringer (via Reddit) revealed that is the key to win a series between these teams.

“I still think Lakers is the best team. Brooklyn can put KD on Lebron, but who they have for AD? They traded Allen who was their answer. The ONLY way for them to win is by sheer offensive outpour, it could happen but I just never seen a team won it all that way without the defense,” Simmons said around the 31:30 mark on The Bill Simmons podcast.

This is a highly anticipated matchup. The Nets will learn how they will play with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden all together on the floor. They can do a lot of damage to the Lakers but it’s unclear if they can beat them in a best-of-seven series.

The season is still young and their GM already said the roster wasn’t complete and that can bring hope for this team in their quest for the first-ever NBA championship.