(via USA Today)

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a bit of a predicament right now. They’re the reigning champions and the team to beat in the Western Conference but it seems like they’ll be forced to be without one of their best players for the better part of the season.

Anthony Davis resented an Achilles injury and the initial reports claimed that he was going to be out until at least the All-Star Break. Now, according to Kendrick Perkins, his absence could go all the way into the playoffs:

“Well listen, Rich Paul called me this morning,” Perkins started. “He told me to make it very clear that no one is going to rush Anthony Davis back. His health is first, he even said that if it is leading up to the first or second week going into the post-season of AD return, then so be it. That’s how long Anthony Davis could be out.”

“He just said that they’re taking this injury serious. And you know why, just going back two seasons ago, what happened with Kevin Durant. Everybody is going to be cautious, especially when they have something to do with your calf strain or that Achilles area so they’re not rushing Anthony Davis back at all, that’s all I was told,” Perkins added.

Perkins went on to talk about Anthony Davis’ impact and importance on the team, which goes without saying. Then again, he lauded the Lakers’ organization for the job they did of getting more depth ahead of this season:

“You can’t replace a guy like Anthony Davis. He’s a young superstar, generational talent. But I will say this -Shout out to Rob Pelinka because he did a great job of getting Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell, two guys that could give you 20+ a night just in case this could happen,” he concluded.

Hopefully, this will be yet another good-old Kendrick Perkins rant and Anthony Davis will be back in the hardwood sooner rather than later, as the Lakers’ championship chances take a massive hit without him on the court.

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