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The Boston Celtics are currently 8th in the Eastern Conference, with a 25-26 record. For a team that has some budding young stars in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, they have been a disappointment this season. It seems as though the Boston Celtics have been inconsistent this season, despite all their talent.

Dwyane Wade has recently talked about what plagues the Boston Celtics. Shaquille O’Neal posed the question to the panel on “NBA on TNT Tuesday”, and Wade has suggested that the Boston Celtics don’t have an identity as a team, even this late into the season.

What is the Celtics identity? It’s not defense. They’re not great in transition. They’re not exceptionally great in the halfcourt when it comes to execution of the game, even though they have an amazing coach and players. You gotta have an identity as a team… This team doesn’t have one.

It seems as though the Boston Celtics don’t necessarily have a strong suit, and perhaps they could improve in some areas of their game. The Boston Celtics are talented, but they have still struggled and have lost very winnable games. They have two All-Stars, and at some point, the team has to start figuring it out.

It’s not all on the Boston Celtics necessarily. They have had multiple players miss games, and that makes it hard to build chemistry. The Boston Celtics could potentially get better even this season: but they need to do it soon, before they slip even further in the standings.

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