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Ben Simmons And All The Girls He's Had A Relationship With

Fadeaway World 

Fadeaway World 

Ben Simmons has dated gorgeous women during his NBA career. The player has very good taste, and nobody can deny that. 

Criticized as he is for his shooting struggles, Ben doesn't miss off the court. The Philadelphia 76ers point guard has been spotted with beautiful women since he entered the league, and that hasn't stopped. 

The Australian player was recently spotted at Wimbledon with Maya Jama. They reportedly started dating again in March after the player and the model followed each other on social media, with Ben commenting on Jama's posts. 

The 24-year-old has an impressive list of girlfriends, all high-profile women. The player shot his shot and didn't miss, contrary to what happens on the NBA court. Player Wives recently listed off the women that Ben has dated, showing some incredible names. 

2016: Ben Simmons’ ex-girlfriend Brittany Renner

renner 3
renner 2

2017: Ben Simmons’ girlfriend Dylan Gonzalez

2017-2018: Ben Simmons’ girlfriend Tinashe

2018 – 2019: Ben Simmons’ girlfriend Kendall Jenner

2019: Ben Simmons’ girlfriend Talia Richman

2021: Ben Simmons’ girlfriend Maya Jama

This is a very interesting list, which shows how talented Simmons is with the ladies. He appears to have a way with them, and this list is the perfect demonstration. 

Following a tumultuous season with the Philadelphia 76ers, he's spending time with Jama at Wimbledon after skipping the Summer Olympics with Team Australia.