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Brittany Renner Reacts After Hawks Fans Troll PJ Washington By Chanting Her Name At The Free Throw Line

Brittany Renner Reacts After Hawks Fans Troll PJ Washington By Chanting Her Name At The Free Throw Line

The Charlotte Hornets traveled to Atlanta to square up against the Atlanta Hawks with some of their starters missing, including the 2021 Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball. As a result, PJ Washington had more minutes to show his skills.

It was a riveting game that went down to the wire with several lead changes. But the highlight was the Atlanta Hawks fans chanting "Brittany Renner" when PJ was at the free-throw line.

Fans will do anything to disrupt a player's rhythm, which is why they opted to chant the name of his ex-wife who has a son from him.

Washington is currently accusing Brittany of "faking" their relationship after they broke things off. Reports suggest that the Hornets star is paying $200,000 per month in child support but that is yet to be confirmed.

Renner, who was enjoying the event play out, took to Twitter to congratulate PJ. 

When the breakup was fresh, fans attacked Renner for "trapping" and seducing Washington but the Instagram model recently revealed that she thought she had found her man and was in love with him. Despite that, she made a post asking women to have relations with athletes if they are looking to get an easy pay day.

“That was his choice. I don’t have to leg-lock n—as… that child was planned.

“You asked me to move in with you. You wanted me to have your child at 22-years-old. And here we are. I told you, ‘I’m ok to wait. I’m not in a rush.'” 

“I’ve always been in it for true love… I thought that was my guy."

Addressing the allegations of her wanting to receive large paychecks from the forward, she said:

“I’ve been with men with way more money… if I was truly trying to cash out, I would’ve cashed out years ago with men with a lot more to offer."

The model has previously been linked to superstars like James Harden, Drake, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Jamal Murray, etc.

Since she granted this interview, no word has come from Washington's camp as he has continued to focus on basketball and secure a starting role. He is currently averaging 10.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 1.7 assists in 13 games.