Dwyane Wade Fires Back At Faizon Love Claiming He 'Had A Nice Kiss' With Gabrielle Union

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade waited for the perfect opportunity to fire back at actor Faizon Love after the latter made a bold claim about Gabrielle Union. 

Wade and Union have been together for a while, and their relationship can't be better. However, people always have something to say about them. Love recently joined Kwame Brown's livestream “Bust Life" to remember some of the best moments of his career. He claimed that once he made out with Union when they met at a club. 

Via the New York Post

Watch this, Gabrielle Union and I had a nice kiss in a club,” Faizon claimed to Brown, adding that NBA All-Star Vince Carter was apparently his witness. “Ask Vince Carter about that night! Ask him ’bout that night! Everybody know about the infamous Faizon-Gabby tongue down…She was dating me that night. She was with Vince, they were going out or something. I don’t know, we was gettin’ drunk and it was an infamous night. Gabby my n—a, too, so… That’s the only girl really in Hollywood. Most actresses are weird, you know what I’m sayin’? They weird as f–k. I like regular ass chicks.”

Flash didn't hesitate to roast Love, sharing a post on Instagram putting Faizon's face on his body, simulating that the actor actually married Union instead of the 3x NBA champion. 

“What almost was,” Wade captioned the post, which also featured an infamous scene from the film “Boomerang” between Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry. “@faizonlove thank you for this forever material I now have on my wife! #Wetsloppykisses #pettylevels.”

Dwyane wouldn't let that slip, and he came back with a big response. The former shooting guard keeps winning, even after retiring from the game.