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Dwyane Wade's Wife Gabrielle Union Says She Rode The 'F--- Boy Express' After Getting Divorced In 2006

Dwyane Wade's Wife Gabrielle Union Says She Rode The 'F--- Boy Express' After Getting Divorced In 2006

Gabrielle Union is happily married to Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade. She shares a strong bond with the former player, always showing their happiness on social media

The actress is stunning, and wherever she goes, she always draws attention. Hell, even Jimmy Butler tried to shoot his shot with her until Wade stopped him for good. 

They make a terrific couple together, but they had to go through a lot to be where they are right now. Successful as they are in their respective careers, love wasn't in favor of Union and Wade, as the former recently explained. 

In her new book, Gabrielle explained that she started trying new things after getting divorced in 2006, including entertaining the so-called 'f**kboys.' 

Via Yahoo News:

Gabrielle Union said she had no issue entertaining "f**kboys" after her 2006 divorce during a stop on her book tour.

Union, who is promoting her book "You Got Anything Stronger?," said she used her divorce from former NFL player Chris Howard as an opportunity to explore her fantasies.

"So I got divorced and like other divorced people, you have a mental bucket list. I had a bucket list of diddles," said Union, who is 48 and now married to former NBA star Dwyane Wade.

"I was like, 'Here are my red sea scrolls of gentleman callers I would like to check their [availability] on, check their pulse'" Union told the audience.

In case somebody doesn't know, an F-boy is a man who acts and talks as if they want to get into a deep relationship with a female with the sole purpose of getting laid. Well, Union didn't have any issues with that, as she intended to enter that world. 

In response, Union told Zulu that was the point - she intended to pursue f**kboys. Union captioned a TikTok video recapping the moment, "'Fasten your seatbelts for the F*ck Boy Express,' I said to my 2006 self."

"I feel tall enough to enjoy this ride. I will strap in and I will hold my arms up and I will buy the picture at the end of the ride," Union joked to Zulu on the tour.

A couple of years after that, she met Wade and started dating the Miami Heat icon. They've been married since 2014, forming a loving family that enchants fans whenever they share their moments on social media. 

Both Union and Wade lived experiences that shaped who they are right now and made them perfect for each other. They are happily married now and that won't change anytime soon.