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J.R. Smith: "I Don't Even Drink Henny, Bro... I Hate That S***."

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

JR Smith became a legend during the 2015-16 NBA Championship parade. He was shirtless for over a month, drinking here and there and just partying to celebrate his title with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As a matter of fact, there was even a bit of an online campaign asking him to run for office, as he was pictured holding a sign that said JR Smith for President. Needless to say, he instantly became a fan favorite and a huge meme.

And for some reason, people started associating Smith's name with Hennessy, even earning the nickname of the 'Henny God' around the internet.

Of course, we all know Smith loves to party. Since his days in New York, it was common to see him hit the club even right after a game and despite the fact that he had a back-to-back next day, so perhaps everybody just assumed he loved the hype and trending liquor.

However, it seems like the veteran shooting guard doesn't even like that drink. He once stated that he just had a couple of drinks of Henny in his lifetime, and he doubled down during a streaming session yesterday.

Smith was about to play Call of Duty online and someone asked him where he had the Henny, to which he replied that the didn't even like that drink, clearly disgusted:

"I don't even drink Henny, bro... I hate that sh*t," Smith replied, trying to put an end to that connection between him and the cognac.

JR Smith has unsuccessfully tried to make a comeback to the NBA so perhaps talking about how much he loves to drink isn't going to help his case, especially after almost a season in the sidelines. At 34 it's unlikely if Smith will ever have another shot at making an NBA roster given his reputation, so let's try and help him out by not asking him about Hennessy anymore.