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Kevin Durant Spotted With Drake, J. Cole And Popcaan In Turks And Caicos

Kevin Durant Spotted With Drake, J. Cole And Popcaan In Turks And Caicos

Now that his drama with the Brooklyn Nets is over, Kevin Durant is taking advantage of his free time, traveling around the world, either watching hoops, working out, or just having fun in general. After traveling to France, where he was spotted dribbling a basketball at 3 am, KD appeared to be back home. 

Well, now he's linked up with some talented artists, going to one of the most exotic destinations in the world. The 2x NBA champion was recently spotted in Turks and Caicos, having a little fun with rappers Drake, J. Cole, and Popcaan. KD, Drake, and Cole are big figures in their respective areas, while Popcaan is trying to make his own name in the music industry. 

TMZ Sports reports that the four men were seen having a blast in Turks and Caicos, with the three superstars seemingly adopting Popcaan for their group of friends. The latter has been very active on social media, showing his whereabouts and the people he's dealing with now. 

Drake, J. Cole, Kevin Durant and Popcaan certainly know how to have a good time, especially when on the water in a tropical destination.

The superstar friend group was recently in Turks & Caicos, whipping around on jet skis in the crystal clear water.

Popcaan appears to be a new addition to the crew, but the Jamaican artist’s next album #GIHE (Great Is He) is set to come out on Drake’s OVO Sound label and he got really acquainted with the bros ... feasting on giant lobsters in between spa pampering and nighttime partying.

While the three artists have a lot of things to do with their careers, KD is getting ready to return to the Brooklyn Nets after a tumultuous offseason. The player decided to continue with his partnership with the team after a failed trade request. Now it's time to show that he can lead the Nets to the promised land after two tumultuous seasons in Barclays Center. 

KD is one of the players with the most to prove this season, and fans are waiting to see what he's going to do next. Meanwhile, he's enjoying his vacation, but there's no doubt that he'll play with a chip on his shoulder after all the things said about him this offseason.

This will be his third season with the Nets, and if things don't go in their favor, it'll be hard to see him staying, no matter how hard it is for the team to find a trade partner.