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LeBron James Bought His Daughter Zhuri A Mini Version Of His Mansion


It's not a secret to anybody that LeBron James is a family man. He's married to his high-school sweetheart and has always raved about how much he enjoys spending time with his family and how much he misses them when he's on the road.

The King constantly talked about his desire to get back home after four+ months away at the Disney campus in Orlando, and he posted some pics and videos about the heartwarming welcome his family gave him after winning his fourth NBA Championship.

But the biggest gift was what LeBron gave his baby daughter Zhuri, the Princess of the James' household, and an already bonafide media personality.

The King gave his daughter an exact replica of his mansion in the backyard for her to spend as much time as he wanted there during her school break.

Obviously, there are rules when you enter Zhuri's mansion, as she showed by sweeping the floor right after her beloved father entered the premises because he didn't take his shoes off.

Zhuri had already won the heart of the nation after her endeavors as a YouTuber and even show guest, and it's pretty clear that she's got a feel for the camera, which is natural considering that her father is one of the most famous people all across the globe.

You can say what you want about LeBron on the court but there's no denying that he's always set a positive example for athletes. They're not usually linked to being proud, caring, loving fathers and James is definitely an exception to that rule, being constantly involved in his kid's growth and life as if he were just another regular guy.

Next time, however, he better remember to take off his shoes, as poor Zhuri's going to have to stay up late cleaning up after his mess.