LeBron James Says He Wants To Produce A Music Album: 'I Think I'm Going To Do An Album. Oh No, I Won't Be Rapping Or Anything Like That... I'll Tell You One Thing I Do Have. So Many Friends That Can."

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via CBC News

via CBC News

LeBron James is an extremely talented basketball player. James has the ability to do pretty much anything on the basketball court, possessing a gift for passing the ball while being an amazing scorer. LeBron James was also a competent American football player, even getting invitations to tryouts from NFL teams during the 2011 lockout. Needless to say, James is a man of many talents.

LeBron James is a gifted athlete, but what he has turned his attention to recently is music. In a Tweet, LeBron James stated that he would want to create an album. Sadly for fans, LeBron James won't be rapping himself, but he mentioned that he has friends that are good rappers.

Seeing LeBron James create a rap album with the help of some of his prominent friends could be extremely interesting. LeBron James notably has a friendship with prominent rapper Drake, who frequently supports the Toronto Raptors. A collaboration between the two would have the potential to be legendary. It remains to be seen when LeBron James will produce the album, but the sooner it comes out, the better.

An album that had LeBron James' touch in its creation would most certainly be a hit. Not only because LeBron James himself has a huge following, but also because James would certainly put in the effort to make good music. A LeBron James album would truly be an exemplary showing of his love for music.