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NBA Fans React To Lana Rhoades Revealing Her Baby Daddy Is An NBA Player: "People Say It Is Either Blake Or KD."

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There are times when a man unintentionally gets a woman pregnant. It is a fairly frequent occurrence, and sometimes it even happens to NBA players.

Lana Rhoades is a Youtuber that has frequently talked about her encounters with NBA players in the past. On a recent TikTok, she revealed that her baby daddy is an NBA player.

"I swear to God I thought NBA players were nice guys," the first part of the video reads. "Next thing you know, I said, 'I'm pregnant'... And he told me to go F myself."

Obviously, this is a wild revelation. It is unclear as of right now who the father of her child is, as Rhoades decided to leave his name undisclosed within the video. Perhaps we will find out more information on this situation in the future.

NBA Fans Debate About Who The Father Of Lana Rhoades' Child Is

Under a recent post featuring the aforementioned TikToker, NBA fans debated about who the father of Lana Rhoades' child actually is. Some people suggested that it could be Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin, but obviously, that is all speculation, and nothing is confirmed currently.

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Fans previously thought that Lana Rhoades went on a date with Kevin Durant. Obviously, that is just speculation, as she did not name the player she went on a date with. She ended up "leaving dinner" after the date with the NBA player, noting that "the date was really boring".

“We ended up leaving dinner, not because of that situation because at that point, you’re already friend-zoned, I don’t give a fuck who you’re talking to, the date was really boring…I don’t want to be mean but me and this guy just didn’t click and I’m like what’s your favorite this, what’s your opinion on this, and he was just like, I don’t have opinions on anything, I don’t have favorite anythings, and he was serious and he wasn’t just saying that to shut down the conversation…he’s not spicy enough for me.”

It remains to be seen if Lana Rhoades will post another TikTok explaining the situation. If paternity is confirmed for the unnamed player that she is talking about, they should take responsibility for the child.

Presently though, we can do nothing but speculate without extra information. People shouldn't necessarily jump to conclusions immediately, and we'll see how this develops going forward.