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Paul Pierce's Hilarious Message After Wild Night: 'Good Morning'

Paul Pierce Sends Defiant Message After Recent Controversial Takes Against ESPN: “The Truth Is That We Don't Need Everyone To Like Us, We Need A Few People To Love Us"

Paul Pierce was the man of the hour, the day, and probably the week in the NBA (which is a lot to say knowing how moved this week was) after he played and recorded himself with a bunch of hot girls dancing around him and his friends while they played poker.

He took to Instagram Live to share how sweet life is for him and over 300 people caught the man just wilding with all these girls doing their thing. This situation sparked a lot of reactions and the NBA community couldn't believe what they were watching. A married man like Pierce, recording and sharing this with the world, was really shocking.

People were joking about the fact that he's a Disney employee and this won't please the company, how he shared those things with more people than necessary and more. It doesn't seem like he's too worried about it, though, and he appeared on social media, making fun of the situation and trying to play it cool. The Truth took to Twitter and sent a big message to those worrying about him.

Moreover, he reacted to the incredible ending of the UCLA-Gonzaga game in the 2021 March Madness Final Four, just like the rest of us.

Things were really wild for Pierce from Friday to Saturday and if he doesn't get punished for this, we will probably watch more of this Wild Pierce in the future.