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Richard Jefferson Trolls Kendrick Perkins In Hilarious New TikTok

Richard Jefferson

For 17 years, former NBA forward Richard Jefferson provided a major spark for some great basketball teams, including the Nets, Bucks, Spurs, and Warriors.

Towards the end of his career, he was busy winning playoff games with LeBron James.

Now, RJ is busy being the star of ESPN. Usually, you can find him giving his unique perspective on morning shows, but he has also made a name for himself on TikTok as well.

And while he's a naturally funny guy with a whole bunch of great content, his most recent post on the platform may be his best one yet.

In it, he uses the popular freezeframe effect to crack some funny jokes, even throwing in a rather hilarious bit about Kendrick Perkins.

The TikTok is, admittedly, quite simple, and nothing crazy, but if you're familiar with RJ and his colleague/friend Kendrick Perkins, it's likely that you smiled at least a little bit while watching it.

If not, then there are definitely others who did.

The "beef" between Perk and RJ has become a running gag for the network. Even when they're not together, it seems they can't help but share a laugh at the expense of the other...

“First of all, I feel like Richard is somewhere in here because this is his seat, and I’m usually sitting right there on the side. I’m able to hide everything that I gained when I stopped playing. But now, I’m front and center, so everything is sticking out. I look like a pregnant woman. But it’s all good though,” said Perkins.

So far, RJ has over 49,000 followers on TikTok, but that number is sure to increase if he keeps posting content like that.

As for whether or not we'll get any response from Perk, that much remains to be seen.