Basketball Fans Are Loving NBA 2K22: "It Has Renewed The Passion Of Many Gamers And Content Creators..."

Basketball Fans Are Loving NBA 2K22- "It Has Renewed The Passion Of Many Gamers And Content Creators..."

If you're familiar with the NBA 2K community, you'll know that the public opinion hasn't been high for the series in some time now.

For the past few years, gamers have felt frustrated and unheard, as installments of the series would repeatedly ignore glaring gameplay issues while stuffing the game with loads of microtransactions.

It got to the point where some were actively boycotting the game, with hopes that 2K leaders and developers would finally listen to their pleas.

While not perfect, NBA 2K22 has gotten pretty warm reviews so far, which is a great sign that things might finally be headed in the right direction for the franchise.

On Twitter, many have shared some rather impressive statements about the game, which has now been out for a few days now.

22 is really a breath of fresh air for the series, especially considering where they were a year ago...

Despite the studio promising a major revamp in it, the game does not have enough changes that can be pointed out.The MyPlayer Builds feature is similar to what the franchise had last year on NBA 2K20. A new default face might be the biggest change in terms of builds this year. Sadly, there are also no new hairstyles in the game. On the plus side, there are 4 extra pie charts for each position.2K has reworked some badges, but most remain the same. Design is identical too, except for some tuning that went into some badges.The animations you see in 2K21 are, once again, the same as from 2K20. Most of the dribbles that popular streamers tried out are identical to those from the previous title.Aiming the shot is one of the major aspects where you see a change. And you also get notified if you get the timing right, which is pretty great. Finishing is also different, but there are no major changes in the animations.

This is the game fans deserve -- and while updates will continue to be made going forward, it certainly seems like 2K finally got things right this year.