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"15-Year-Old Bryce Is Almost As Tall As LeBron James Already", NBA Fan Warns Everyone About Bryce James Becoming A Top Prospect

Bryce James Is Already 6'6 And Fans Are Getting Excited About His NBA Career: "Bryce Gonna Be LeBron 2.0"

LeBron James' eldest son, Bronny James, looks like he is bound to be an NBA prospect. While he hasn't stood out in his high school class, currently ranked as the 47th best prospect in the class as a 4-star recruit, any team will be willing to use a second-round flyer on the son of LeBron James, especially if he joins the team for one season to retire playing alongside his son. 

There may be another possible NBA player in the James clan with Bronny's younger brother, Bryce. Bryce is looking like he has some genuine athletic ability, shooting up in height for all fans to see first-hand. 

A recent picture of the 15-year-old Bryce alongside LeBron shows that his younger son is not too far apart from his father's height. Considering James is 6'8", Bryce is well over 6 foot and still growing. With the athletic gifts he may have, fans are already trying to warn the NBA about his possible arrival down the line.

Bryce, at the earliest, can enter the NBA in 2026 after turning 19-year-old and having spent at least one season out of high school. He is currently a sophomore, so he will need to finish three years, including this one, and then either spend a year in college or play professionally elsewhere. 

It's unlikely LeBron sticks around the NBA for that long to play with both his sons. Bronny is much closer to making the NBA, entering his senior year in high school. He needs to either decide on what college he would want to commit to or whether he'd rather take the professional route and play in the G League or overseas.

Bryce has shown flashes of basketball ability before but seems to be making his name a little more quietly than his elder brother did. He is already generating buzz about possibly having a higher ceiling than his elder brother.