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LeBron James Marvels At His Younger Son Bryce Finishing At The Rim With A Pretty Layup

LeBron James Marvels At His Younger Son Bryce Finishing At The Rim With A Pretty Layup

LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players in the world and he has managed to pass his love for the sport down to his two sons. While many children of star basketball players tend to shy away from the sports their parents excelled in, it doesn't look like that will be a problem in the James family. 

Everyone already knows about the plans LeBron has to retire after he gets to share an NBA court with his son, Bronny James. However, Bronny isn't a highly touted prospect and has been falling in the rankings over recent years. Right now, he is the 54th best prospect in the current high school senior class, according to renowned ranker 247 Sports. 

However, it seems LeBron's younger son Bryce may be the one packing a lot of the talent. Overtime shared a picture of Bryce finishing at the rim with a beautiful layup that saw the younger James go deep into his developing bag of tricks: 

Many people argue that Bryce may be the more talented of the two children, but that is beside the point. Both are quality high-school players, but whether they will successfully make the leap to the NBA is something we will have to see. Bronny is almost guaranteed to play in the league, as whichever team he is drafted to will also get the chance to sign LeBron on a one-year contract. 

Bryce has to navigate the entirety of high school basketball still, but if he shows progress through the years, even he may stand a good chance of becoming an NBA player.

Raising two sons interested in basketball and giving them all the available resources to become good at it was LeBron's job as a parent. Now it comes down to the kids to see if they can justify the backing and the preference they have received their entire lives by performing on the court. So far, both sons have done that admirably.