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A Couple Invited Shaquille O'Neal To Their Wedding, And He Sent Them A Signed Photo As A Gift

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shaq photo

Shaquille O'Neal is known by most basketball fans due to his dominance on the basketball court. He was one of the most athletically gifted players of all time, and his peak was absolutely incredible.

However, what a lot of people don't know is that Shaquille O'Neal often does kind things for people off the court. It seems as though this happened recently when a couple invited him to their wedding.

Reddit user BWorell005 recently shared an image of a signed photo from Shaquille O'Neal on Reddit, claiming that O'Neal sent it to him after he was invited to the user's wedding. It seems as though the user decided to randomly invite Shaquille O'Neal to his wedding.

shaq photo
shaq wedding

There's no doubt that this is a good gesture from Shaquille O'Neal. He clearly wanted to do something kind for the couple, and he has a big heart. Shaquille O'Neal is someone who is often willing to do nice things for people, and he once claimed that every time he leaves the house, he has to "bless somebody":

“Do you have a bike. Ask your mom if I can buy you a bike, make it quick. Whenever I go to a store from now on, I’m buying somebody else something, period. Every day I leave the house, I gotta bless somebody. I can’t… I can’t keep all this. I try to do something positive, I try to life a person’s spirit. If I stick to those principles, I think I’m doing pretty good as a man in a society.”

It is great to see that Shaquille O'Neal is willing to bless people and help them out. We need more of that energy in the world, and being kind to others is generally a good thing.

Hopefully, we see more stories like this in the future. While, obviously, athletes are under no obligation to do things as such, it is definitely good to hear about good deeds when they happen.