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A Woman Threw Punches To Protect Her Man During Lakers-Kings Game

A Woman Threw Punches To Protect Her Man During Lakers-Kings Game

NBA fans are really passionate about their teams, supporting them until the end, even if that means getting physical with rival fans or even people from the same fanbase. We've seen this constantly in recent times, and that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

Last season, a Phoenix Suns fan starred in one of the most iconic moments of the 2021 NBA playoffs, going at it against a Denver Nuggets supporter, beating him, and shouting 'Suns in 4,' which eventually came to fruition. More recently, two Boston Celtics fans fought each other during a loss to the San Antonio Spurs, perfectly describing how bad things are for the C's. 

On Wednesday night, a woman shocked the world when she attempted to defend her partner during a fight at the Lakers-Kings game. The Kings snapped a 5-game losing streak with a 125-116 win over the Purple and Gold, once again setting the alarms for the 17-time NBA champion. 

Meanwhile, things were heated in the stands, with fans going at it with others, including a woman who didn't back down and threw hands towards another fan in an attempt to defend her man. 

A video shared by Chris Haynes shows the lady throwing punches at somebody. After her partner was hit a couple of times, the lady didn't hesitate to counter-attack and hit the other person repeatedly before she was separated from them. 

It's unclear what team they were rooting for, but that sequence was something. Just like the Lakers and Kings did on the court, they exchanged blows in the stands, including people who weren't expected to be there. 

The Lakers have lost two consecutive games after this defeat. They are yet to find their rhythm this season, and things look harder every day. Sacramento wasn't the best team entering this game, yet they got away with the W. It's now or never for the Lakers if they still aspire to play for the championship.