Video: Phoenix Suns And Denver Nuggets Fans Get Into Fight

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suns nuggets fight

Fan fights are one of the unpleasant parts of sports. Emotions run high during sports games, and sometimes that emotion can turn into a physical altercation. It seems as though that is what happened during the recent Denver Nuggets - Phoenix Suns matchup, with the Phoenix Suns going up 3-0 on the Denver Nuggets.

Some recent video footage that has been circulating around the internet featured an altercation between a Phoenix Suns fan and a pair of Denver Nuggets fans. The video shows the Suns' fan punching a Nuggets fan, while also yelling out "Suns in Four" referring to the potential sweep of the Denver Nuggets

It is unclear from the video what started the altercation between the two parties, but such behavior is unacceptable. While it is okay to express support for one's team and be passionate, there is no need to go beyond cheering for your team and make it physical. Hopefully, such incidents can be avoided in the future, and people stick to rooting for their team rather than instigating violence.