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Adam Sandler Congratulates Fellow "Hustle" Star Juancho Hernangomez: "Bo Cruz! Getting It Done. Love You Juancho."

Adam Sandler Congratulates Fellow "Hustle" Star Juancho Hernangomez: "Bo Cruz! Getting It Done. Love You Juancho"

Spain was crowned as the 2022 EuroBasket champions as they defeated France 88-76. With the likes of Rudy Gobert and Evan Fournier leading the French team, the chips were stacked against the Spanish team, who were the underdogs in the Finals.

While it was the likes of Willy Hernangomez leading the squad until the Finals, this time his brother Juancho Hernangomez stepped to the plate for Spain. Hitting six three-pointers and finishing the match with a game-high 27 points, Hernangomez probably had the best performance of his career, against France. With pull-up threes all across the court, France simply had no answer for the Spaniards and eventually lost the Finals by 12 points.

Adam Sandler Congratulates Hustle Co-Star Juancho Hernangomez

After such an incredible display in the EuroBasket Finals, fans and pundits have been praising Juancho. Among all the plaudits, one of them certainly stands out, Adam Sandler. Sandler, who cast Juancho and Anthony Edwards for the movie Hustle, congratulated the Spaniard on social media.

Bo Cruz! Getting it done. Love you Juancho. And Willie! Congrats to the whole Spanish team.

Remember, Juancho, who played the character of Bo Cruz, initially had his fair share of struggles before putting up some great performances and eventually getting into the NBA. 

Hernangomez certainly had a similar moment for Spain in this EuroBasket tournament. While he did not stand out much in the previous matchups, he eventually stepped up to the most important match of the tournament and delivered.

With this performance, the 26-year-old will hope that his NBA career improves drastically. Given that he has been a rotational forward, his minutes in the league have been minimal, thus Juancho has never been able to showcase his true potential.

If the Spaniard can be as lethal of a shooter as he was in the Final, expect to see more of Bo Cruz in the NBA.