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Adam Sandler Jokingly Shares Tweet Telling Los Angeles Lakers To Sign Him

Adam Sandler Jokingly Shares Tweet Telling Los Angeles Lakers To Sign Him

Given the popularity of the NBA across the world, it comes as no surprise that some of the biggest celebrities of the world are super fans of the game and the league. 

Whether it be musicians like Drake, or actors like Michael B Jordan and Spike Lee, the NBA is at the epicenter of popular culture in today’s world.

But perhaps no celebrity is a bigger fan of the sport than Adam Sandler. The movie star is often sighted at games, enjoying himself. On top of that, much of Sandler’s wardrobe is comprised of long, baggy basketball shorts.

On top of that, Sandler also tries to incorporate basketball in his movies. Whether it be his pick-up game scene in ‘The Longest Yard’, or him working with NBA legend Kevin Garnett in ‘Uncut Gems’, Sandler has brought the sport he loves with him to the silver screen.

But the biggest indicator of Sandler’s fandom is the fact that he is often found playing the game. Many fans have shared videos of Sandler showing up to a public court to play some pick-up basketball with people around him.

Most recently, Adam Sandler linked up with Trae Young, Tobias Harris, and other NBA stars in a pick-up game as the athletes start preparing for the new NBA season. 

While these players obviously played a more relaxed game around Sandler, he held his own in the presence of the professional ballplayers.

Footage and pictures from the pick-up game went viral, with many fans enjoying watching Sandler hoop. 

One fan on Twitter even suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers use their final roster spot to sign Sandler for the new season.

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Sandler certainly seemed to agree, as he shared a picture of the tweet on his Instagram story. 

Given how active the Los Angeles Lakers have been in this offseason, especially signing older players, Sandler saw his chance and took it.