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Alvin Gentry Blasts Kings For Grizzlies Loss: "This Is The Most Disappointed I've Been In 34 Years In The NBA."

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Alvin Gentry

The Sacramento Kings have the league's longest playoff drought, and it doesn't look like it will be broken anytime soon. The Kings are currently 13-21, and 12th in the Western Conference.

Their most recent loss came against the Memphis Grizzlies, who blew them out 127-102. There's no doubt that this was a very bad loss, especially because the score was 50-49 at halftime in the Sacramento Kings' favor.

Coach Alvin Gentry has recently blasted the team, and claimed that this loss was the "most disappointed" he's been in his "34 years in the NBA". He criticized the team's defense and effort level, and it's clear that Gentry is absolutely discouraged by the way that they played.

This is the most disappointed I've been in 34 years in the NBA. I can honestly say that. That performance was absolutely ridiculous. We didn't play hard, we didn't compete. We gave up 19 offensive rebounds for 37 points or some astronomical figure. We didn't guard the ball, we didn't guard the screen and roll. We didn't follow the gameplan, all of those things... No competitiveness whatsoever... I think anybody out there that watched the game understands that that performance, it was just ridiculous.

The Sacramento Kings clearly need to find a way to be more competitive and improve how they perform on the court. The positive here is that this game against the Grizzlies is only one game out of the many left in the season. They still have time to improve.

There are some positives for the team though, and that is the fact that they have some solid young players. De'Aaron Fox is an All-Star caliber player, while Tyrese Haliburton is a great guard with an amazing jump shot. Davion Mitchell is one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. Perhaps we'll see them get better as those players blossom, and hopefully we see them break their playoff drought sooner rather than later.