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Amazing Video Shows How Steve Kerr Motivates And Supports Stephen Curry During Games: “One Of The Things I Love About You Is You're Like 2-11, No Hesitation Shooting A 60-Footer. Nobody In The League Does That. You Have So Much Confidence In Yourself.”

\Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry

In many ways, Stephen Curry benefitted from being coached by Steve Kerr. Steve Kerr was a sharpshooter and three-point specialist in the NBA during a time when the three-pointer was not considered a priority.

Stephen Curry was able to take those skills and transform himself into the greatest shooter of all time and helped revolutionize the NBA with the emphasis on three-point shooting reaching an all-time high in the league.

Stephen Curry is the most important player in Steve Kerr's system. And a video of their conversations during games shows just how he approaches Curry when he's not having a great game.

Kerr always maintains a positive mindset toward Curry and tells him that while he may not be having a great game from a numbers perspective, he is helping the team significantly just by being on the court and working hard and persevering.

"I'm going to show you. That's your shooting totals. That's your plus/minus. Alright? So it's not always tied together. You're doing great things out there. The tempo is so different when you're out there. Everything you generate for us is so positive. It shows up here, not always there, but it always shows up here. You're doing great. Carry on, my son... I would love to feel whatever the hell you're feeling right now, just once in my life. For me, if I went 5/6 and 4 made threes, that was about the best I ever did. Love it. One of the things I love about you is you're 2/11, no hesitation shooting a 60-footer. Nobody in the league does that. You have so much confidence in yourself. And within games like this, you turn it on like that. That's awesome. Amazing. Wish I had your confidence... Pop was my mentor. He would always tell us in these situations, it's supposed to be hard... Are you kidding me? I love you."

Kerr's first season with the Golden State Warriors was incredible, and that is thanks in large part to the incredible play of Stephen Curry. Curry was named the NBA MVP that season and the Warriors went on to win the NBA championship that season.

Curry is the most important player in Kerr's system. And Steve Kerr clearly has a lot of faith and confidence in Curry, even when Curry isn't too confident in himself during games. Kerr's ability to motivate his players, especially Curry, is why he has helped the Warriors find so much success in the league.