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Andrew Bogut Calls Out Amar’e Stoudemire After Asking For A Longer Suspension For Grayson Allen: “Might Want To Sit This One Out”

Andrew Bogut Calls Out Amar’e Stoudemire For Asking For A Longer Suspension For Grayson Allen: “Might Want To Sit This One Out”

Milwaukee Bucks player Grayson Allen was in the center of controversy last week after his flagrant foul on Chicago Bulls man Alex Caruso led to a fracture that will see him miss 6-8 weeks of basketball. There was quite a bit of uproar in the media and among fans over what was seen as a deliberately dangerous play by Allen, and the NBA handed him a 1-game suspension for the foul. 

Former NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire, no stranger to hard fouls or unfortunately, injuries, spoke out on the issue after Allen's suspension was announced. Amar'e didn't think that just the one-game suspension was enough, citing a similar sentence he had received for doing something much less egregious (via Daniel Greenberg on Twitter).

"That's weak. Not enough... I got suspended for a game for stepping on the court. This was an intentional through down, that caused a player to need surgery. SMH. COME ON."

While a lot of fans agreed with Amar'e's take on the issue, former Milwaukee Buck Andrew Bogut wasn't too pleased to see Stoudemire speak about the foul. During the 2009-10 NBA season, Stoudemire had nudged Bogut during a fast break, which led to a terrible fall and resulted in broken bones and a dislocated elbow. Bogut had to miss the rest of the season through injury. 

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised (Graphic injury)

Bogut hasn't forgotten about that injury and took to Twitter to suggest that Stoudemire should possibly not be the person to demand a larger suspension for Grayson Allen. Stoudemire didn't receive a suspension for his foul, although he was assessed a flagrant foul and did express remorse following the incident.

Bogut: "Might want to sit this one out."

Andrew Bogut would go on to win an NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors, but he seems to have held on to this incident. Grayson Allen will have to serve his suspension regardless, and will only return to the play for the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night when they take on the Knicks in New York.