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Angry Mom Speaks Out After Mikey Williams Taunts Her Son During 50-Point Performance

Angry Mom Speaks Out After Mikey Williams Taunts Her Son During 50-Point Performance

6'2" guard Mikey Williams is one of the best High School prospects in the nation -- and he knows it. Both on the court and off, the dude radiates confidence, as he seems aware a path to the NBA is in his future.

Unfortunately, Williams caught some heat on Saturday for getting a little too excited during his 50-point explosion.

At some point during the night, he was captured getting in the face of one of his defenders (Mike Best), "flexing" and taunting him in front of everyone.

It's not an uncommon thing to see, but Best's mother wasn't going to let it fly without fighting back.

On Facebook, she posted a statement that has since gone viral, sticking up for her son and commending him for his focus and sportsmanship.

Last night This photo was posted and used as an attempted flex on my son. Dope shot but the ONLY flex I see is my son (IG: @therealmikebest_ ) looking STRONG, FOCUSED AND UNBOTHERED. Cool, calm and collected… Unfortunately I also see a reminder that the refs allowed a player to taunt and go overboard due to his media hype SUPER proud of my son for his response! Two great players but The Best Boyz play hard on BOTH ends of the court! Can’t wait for the full game to be posted… #WeBragDifferent #goodsportsmanship #goodteammates #Morethanjustscorers #TheRealFlex

There is certainly a level of strength that comes with keeping a cool head. In that situation, it would be easy for Mike to get caught up in the moment and fire back.

Instead, he keeps his head down and focuses on the game.

All throughout social media, many fans have agreed, and some have even congratulated him for his composure in that moment.

It remains to be seen if Mike and Mikey will continue their rivalry in college or the NBA, but it seems that both have a bright future ahead of them.