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Anthony Davis Reveals He'll Keep Shooting 3PT Shots Despite Struggles: "That Opens Up The Floor For My Teammates..."

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Anthony Davis Is Not Happy With How The Lakers' Level Right Now: “We’re Not Going To Win A Championship With The Way We’re Playing."

Anthony Davis is one of the best big men in the league, being well known for his versatile play. In previous seasons, Davis was known as a three-level scorer, and many in lauded his ability to score from the perimeter.

While there's no doubt that Anthony Davis has been historically a decent enough shooter as a big man, he has struggled from the 3PT line this season. Davis is currently averaging 20.5% from beyond the arc on 2.1 attempts a game. According to Bleacher Report's shooting formula, he is one of the worst shooters in the league.

Despite his struggles from beyond the arc this year, Anthony Davis stated that he would continue shooting from beyond the arc. He stated that his shooting "opens up the floor" for his teammates and that he's trying to be an "effective" three-level scorer. (1:40)

I'm going to continue to shoot the ball from 3. Whether it goes in or not, I think that opens up the floor for my teammates -- LeBron, Russ, Talo -- to get downhill. And it opens it up for me to get to the paint when guys run out and are closing out to the three. I'm just trying to be effective at all three levels of the floor, and it was going for me tonight.

There's no doubt that if Anthony Davis is shooting well, that makes life easier for all the slashers on the team, as he mentioned. While he hasn't shot particularly well from range this year, it's likely that his percentages revert to normal over the course of the season.

The Los Angeles Lakers will hope that Anthony Davis improves his shooting and helps them win some more games. The Lakers have been inconsistent this year, but perhaps we'll see them go on a run soon. Davis will be key to making that happen, and hopefully, he delivers.