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Austin Rivers Apparently Says Ben Simmons Lied About The Practice When Doc Rivers Kicked Him Out

Austin Rivers Apparently Says Ben Simmons Lies About The Practice When Doc Rivers Kicked Him Out

When Ben Simmons was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, he was expected to form an amazing partnership with Joel Embiid. Evidently, the franchise also hoped that the Embiid-Simmons duo would someday lead them to an NBA Championship.

Well, last season, the dreams of the 76ers were shattered when Simmons demanded a trade from the franchise. After months of drama around Simmons' exit from the team, he was finally traded to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for James Harden, who was also disgruntled with the Nets.

Following Ben's departure from the team, most expected his relationship to be pretty sour with his former teammates and, of course, former coach. One of the reasons behind it was when Doc Rivers decided to throw Simmons out of a practice session.

Simmons recently talked about it and gave his side of the story to the fans as he mentioned that everyone was trying to mess with him during that time.

Austin Rivers Calls Out Ben Simmons

Despite all the drama that he faced when playing for Philly, Simmons mentioned that he still has nothing but love for the city. Now some fans believed Ben and showed him sympathy, but some called him a liar.

Doc Rivers' son, Austin Rivers, certainly falls in the second category. So much so that Rivers called out an NBA fan for believing the 'lies' that Simmons was spreading around.

dr.wesbellamy: "It’s interesting… we (as a society) say that we support mental health, but when someone expresses and comments on a situation in which their mental health was compromised, people make fun of him. I’m glad he spoke up about it, took accountability for his part, and ultimately did what’s best for him."

Austin rivers responded to it by commenting, "@dr.wesbellamy bro u actually believe this dude? 😂 If y’all only knew…"

Since Doc Rivers was the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, it's obvious that his son will try to protect him.

But the way Rivers wrote the comment, it seems like there's something that fans aren't aware of. Maybe something else happened behind the doors between Doc and Simmons. Unfortunately, there's no way to confirm it unless Doc comes forward and explains it himself.