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Avery Bradley Reacts To Playing Alongside Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson: "I Feel Like I Fit In Well."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

It took them some time but finally, the Golden State Warriors found the perfect guy for their backup point guard position.

They had reportedly considered signing Darren Collison and Isaiah Thomas but eventually, they went with Avery Bradley, one of the best remaining free agents in the league.

Even so, there are some people who question Bradley's ability to play next to the Splash Brothers, as he's not a pass-first kind of guard, nor much of a three-point shooter.

He, however, is unbothered by those doubts and believes that he'll fit in Steve Kerr's system right away:

"I feel like I fit in well. I've always thought I was one of the best cutters in the NBA. If I'm able to have an opportunity to play with Klay and Steph…I feel like I can create a lot of opportunities not only for myself but for my team," Bradley said, as quoted by Mark Haynes.

Bradley will give the Warriors a gritty defender and a versatile backcourt stopper. He's good enough to match against bigger players and can even check some wings, and that's a huge plus for a team that struggled to get stops from time to time last season.

While not much of an offensive factor, Steve Kerr has been known for making the most of every single one of his rotation players. He puts them in a position to succeed, and Bradley shouldn't be the exception to that rule.

Avery is a savvy veteran and a versatile player that can give them a big boost off the bench, especially on a team with such a deep rotation.

If Bradley can give the Warriors something close to what Leandro Barbosa and/or Shaun Livingston gave them during the first years of the Kerr era, then they're going to be a huge problem.