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Bam Adebayo's Big Response To Fan Calling Him "B***h": "Watch Your Mouth Sucka"

Bam Adebayo's Big Response To Fan Calling Him "B***h": "Watch Your Mouth Sucka"

The Miami Heat aren't having the best start of the season after making it to the Finals last year in the Orlando bubble. The Floridian team is struggling to find their best version and nobody knows when that will stop.

They're currently 6-12 in the Eastern Conference and Heat Nation isn't happy with that situation. Fans have taken to social media to express their unhappiness with the team and one of them called out Bam Adebayo, probably the best player on the roster, for his recent performances with the team.

Bam had addressed the fans on Thursday night after the Clippers suffered their 12th defeat of the season against the Los Angeles Clipper.

“It just felt good to have Heat Nation in there,” Adebayo said. “Heat Nation, we going to figure this out, just bear with us, we going to figure this out, I can promise you that … I know they’re tired of seeing us lose, we’re tired of losing, and we gotta figure this out.”

Apparently, those words didn't sit well with one fan, who attacked the big man and used a very strong word to describe the way he is playing right now.

“Bear with us @Bam1of1? YOU ARE THE MAX PLAYER, so act as one! You need to take more than 10 shots per game man... You playing like a B**** right now!”

Adebayo didn't like that either and he fired back, asking this person to be careful with what they say.

“Watch Your Mouth Sucka.”

Bam has been one of the most vocal players about the Heat's bad moment right now. He knows they have to be better and they're working on that. A couple of weeks ago, he called out his teammates for their lack of aggressiveness, especially on the defensive end.

The season is still young and the Heat has room to improve but they need to start working on that as soon as possible if they want to emulate what they did last season.