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Beautiful Charly Arnolt Stunned NBA Fans After Appearing On First Take

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

NBA fans went nuts when they saw guest host Charly Arnolt on Thursday's edition of First Take. It's been a while since the last time she made an appearance on the ESPN show but now she's back and fans couldn't be happier about. They took to social media to praise Arnolt, who is more famous for her work in WWE and her passion for fitness.

Fans really liked seeing her on TV instead of the controversial Molly Qerim, the regular host of the show, who is often criticized for her opinions. It looks like Charly has a better reception with fans than Qerim and you could tell that during Thursday's episode of FT.

Some people even asked if she could be the permanent host of the show but knowing Arnolt's schedule, that would be hard to accomplish. Still, nobody denies that she's very talented and she can be a great host for the show.

He does a terrific job and is very good looking. Who wouldn't want to see her every morning? However, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Sorry, NBA fans, but this wish is highly unlikely to be granted.