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Bill Simmons Says LeBron James Will Never Win His 5th NBA Championship: "Oh, 5 Is Not Happening, I Hate To Break It To Him"

Bill Simmons Says LeBron James Will Never Win His 5th NBA Championship: "Oh, 5 Is Not Happening, I Hate To Break It To Him"

LeBron James has been chasing the title of 'Greatest Of All Time' for a lot of his career and while some may think he's already achieved it, most people will pick Michael Jordan over him simply because MJ won more championships. LeBron had 10 opportunities to win and could only get 4 rings but his career isn't over yet. 

Despite being in his 19th year in the league, LeBron is enjoying one of the most dominant seasons of his career, averaging 28.6 points per game, the third-highest tally of his career so far. With Anthony Davis alongside him in Los Angeles and a number of veterans on the team, the aim has clearly been to win another ring for King James. 

Things aren't quite going according to plan though, with the Lakers struggling to start the season. With nearly half the regular season over, the Lakers are hovering around the middle of the pack in the West. And this has prompted Bill Simmons to claim that a 5th championship is not happening for LeBron while in conversation with Seerat Sohi on The Bill Simmons Podcast

Seerat Sohi: "if Lebron can win a title right now, he's at 5, could he hang around for 6? We never thought it could happen."

Bill Simmons: "Oh, 5 is not happening, I hate to break it to him."

He later doubled down on his claim, providing an analogy to NFL legend Tom Brady who is also chasing more rings late into his career. 

"With LeBron, I think he's at the same point Brady is. I think Brady's ship has sailed to win another Superbowl with this Bucs team this year. He might have gotten that one extra Superbowl in Tampa and that's it. 

"I think Lebron might be in the same boat, this is his 19th year, 10 finals, 4 rings, but I don't see a path with this Laker's team, it's certainly not gonna happen this year. I don't see it next year either, the league is deeper, the top teams are better."

Whatever the outcome at the end of the season may be, one thing is for certain. LeBron continues to confound his doubters by performing at the very highest level even at the age of 37. The road to another championship may be difficult, but that's not something that is likely to stop King James, so it wouldn't totally make sense to write him off just yet.