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Bill Simmons Suggests A Blockbuster Trade Between Nets And Heat For Kyrie Irving: "Kyrie In Heat Culture? The Sky Is The Limit."

Kyrie Irving

The Kyrie Irving situation in Brooklyn could suffer some big changes in the future if at least one of the rumors regarding the talented point guard turns out to be true. Irving just finished a season where he first was unable to play, then became a part-time player, and finally was allowed to play in every game for the Brooklyn Nets. 

After such a tumultuous campaign for the 2016 NBA champion, things don't look that promising in Brooklyn for him. After Sean Marks seemingly threw shade at Kyrie, the Nets are reportedly unwilling to offer him a long-term deal this offseason

This has opened the door for many rumors and teams to entertain a potential trade for Ky. The Los Angeles Lakers have been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Irving, but they're not the only ones that could use this veteran to have a deep playoff run. 

Bill Simmons recently dropped an interesting trade idea where Kyrie would join another Eastern Conference contender while the Nets receive two veterans to add depth to their roster. According to the controversial analyst, the Miami Heat could benefit from landing Irving: 

“How about Lowry and Duncan Robinson for Kyrie and Joe Harris,” Simmons said on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” “Kyrie in Heat culture? The sky is the limit.”

He even said that the Heat knew how to handle Jimmy Butler, and dealing with Kyrie could be easy for them, too. 

“I think Spo would say I’m in,” Simmons continued, via Heavy. “He’ll say, ‘We made it work for Jimmy. Let’s just get crazier.'”

With the 2022 NBA offseason already started for 28 teams, many people are working to improve their level ahead of a new campaign that will be more incredible than this one. The Heat and Nets are two of those teams, and they're ready to do whatever it takes to assemble a competitive team for the next campaign. 

Kyrie could work not only in Miami but any other team in the league. However, getting rid of him could mean trouble for the Nets. They have a big decision in their hands this offseason, but we have to wait and see how this situation will develop.